Anzil, the Winner !

Hello every body, welcome to my blog. I have shared with you a lot of information about me and my family. I like to share with you more. Ok, On 5th Thursday 2009, in my school we had Mini sports day.I was not a participant, But, my brother “Anzil sultan” studying in KG 1 E was a participant in “Bunny race”. Bunny race means jumping race. My Mother also came to school and took the video of my brother jumping. He got 2nd place in Bunny race. He got a Certificate and a silver Medal. He was so happy.Even my classmates who participated got a Medal and a Certificate .On that day, I made a document about “Types of Diseases”. I wrote many things about types of diseases like Marasmus,Kwashiorkor,Night-blindness , Beriberi,Goitre etc. That day was a special day for me and my brother.What a lovely day it was!