Once in a small village, a man named George lived. He was a carpenter. He has a wife named Marry and a son named John. John was an 8 year old boy. It was summer vacation. John became very happy. One day, John was playing with his wooden boat in the water. He thought “Why can’t I have a real boat? I will ask my daddy”. He ran to daddy’s shop and he asked “Daddy, daddy can I have a real boat. Please.’’ “Ok, ok John.” Daddy replied. “But I cannot make it today. I am not free. Let me look tomorrow” daddy said. The next day, daddy bought two logs of wood and started making a boat and boat was finished. The next day, when he was painting his boat blue, suddenly his friend ‘Lora’ came with good news. She said “John, I have good news. There is a village boat race in the village river tomorrow. You should go John.” “Ok Lora.” John said. The next day, John, Hurmah, Hussain, Jack got ready for the race. Jack was elder than John. “Four, three, two, one, ZERO!” Referee yelled. Everyone hurried to the finishing point. After some distance jack dashed Hurmah’s boat and swam away. Hurmah’s boat broke and she drowned and was nearly dead. But, John pulled her in and took her in his boat. Jack came near to Hussain’s boat. So, he dashed Hussain’s boat also. Hussain’s boat also broke and He drowned. But, John and Hurmah pulled Hussain in and took him with them. Unfortunately, Jack won the competition. But the judge said "Jack is the winner. But, John gets the special trophy for saving his friends without thinking about winning the race.” From that day on, everyone called him ‘Lifesaver’.

Moral: life is more precious than anything in the world.