Changathikkoottam - 2010

I would like to share my experience about an Extra Ordinary day in my life!
Changathikkoottam was an event organized by Friends of Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishath in Dubai. This is the second time I got a chance to participate in Changathikkoottam. I was very excited the day before itself. We reached on time to Gulf Model School,Dubai - the venue of Changathikkoottam 2010.

There were about One Hundred or more students for the programme. The day started with "Naadan Paattu" about Earthworm, Trees and Birds. An uncle dressed like a Farmer explained the relation between Earth & Man. After sometime we were taken to a room called 'Saasthramoola'. There were Photos and small writeups about famous Astronomers, Scientists and Mathematicians like Bhaskara, Aryabhatta and many more.. There were a number of Group leaders/co-ordinators who were teaching us songs, stories and explaining about Scientists and many more informations. The real excitement started then..I was selected for participating in News paper project. I was taken into another room, there I met some other kids, who were also chosen for the same project. We were divided into two teams. I was the News Editor for of our team. We have decided a name for our News paper, it was "Changathi news" ! We had a great time searching for news. Initially we haven't got any news and it was short time, we need to finish the project by 4pm. We, our team members sat together and prepared an article about Changathikkoottam 2010 and collected some more information by interviewing and asking for comments about the programme.At last all the information we collected were edited, typed and printed and pasted on a Yellow chart paper with great photos taken by our press photographer Sree.
(Sree,Arjun,Ajna,Gopika and Snehaa)

4PM.. all parents and other visitors gathered at the large hall, where the meeting was planned. We took our project and moved to the hall. Our News Paper displayed there, and our team was invited to the stage followed by next team. We were introduced to everyone, and our effort was appreciated by all. It was a precious moment! Later Famous Malayalam poet Kavalam Narayana Panicker, chief guest came to the stage. He talked nicely about the importance of Biological values and it's relation with human. He sang a song for kids and asked the kids to follow. He advised us to love the soil like our mother. After that also there were a number of traditional songs, those uncles who were with us since morning till the end were making sure the participation of each and every kid while singing.

There were lot of songs, story telling and other games when we were busy with our News Paper project. It was another new experience for me, I am sure all these will help me in my future, now I also feel to love soil, trees, birds and yes our earth. Thanks to all uncles who made the day worth, thanks to Gaffoor uncle who informed and invited me for the programme.

I am waiting for the next Changathikkoottam.