Why mosquitoes bites us

Thousands of years ago, Mosquitoes were human beings best friends. At that time their food was nectar and other liquid like juice from fruits. So once in a village, there lived man named Bruto. He had one mosquito as his pet. One day, the mosquito went in search of food. Suddenly, she saw a sage and a small girl lying besides him. The mosquito went to them and asked, “What happened guru?”The sage replied sobbing, “My daughter ‘Shivalanga’ is going to die because of a special type of disease. If I make a potion which contains 2-3 drops of a special type of blood, she would come back to life. Won’t you help us?” The mosquito felt pity on him. She agreed. But first she went to her master, Bruto. The mosquito narrated everything to her master. Bruto became happy and said, “My friend, you are a good mosquito, so take my blood first.” The mosquito bit her master’s finger and took 2-3 drops of blood. But it was not the special blood. She started taking blood from others. Her friends, the mosquitoes, also helped her in taking blood from people, but couldn’t get the special blood. By the time, the daughter died and in the sadness of losing his only daughter, the sage died too. Even when they heard about this, the mosquitoes still continued their mission. Slowly, the mosquitoes liked the taste of blood. And now, blood is their food!

The Rabbit and the Grasshopper

Once, in a jungle, there lived a rabbit a grasshopper. They are good friends. One day, they were walking together, hungry. All of a sudden, they saw a hut and palace. The rabbit said “I will go to the palace.” The grasshopper said “and I will go to the hut.” Although the rabbit went to the palace, he was unhappy.Because the people in the palace are not giving him enough food and not letting him to talk and play with the children and the grasshopper was also unhappy because the people living in hut is putting him out of the hut fearing if she will eat up all the food. One day,they made a narrow escape and they met each other. The rabbit asked the grasshopper “how are you? Happy living in the hut?” “How could I say? They are putting me out of the hut. That’s ok how are you living in the palace? The grasshopper asked. “Like you only. They are not giving me enough food and not letting me to talk and play with the children. The rabbit replied. “I know one idea!” said the grasshopper. "You go to the hut and I will go to the palace.” Said the grasshopper. The rabbit agreed. As the rabbit went to the hut he became happy because people living in the hut is taking good care of him and the grasshopper was also happy because he can have good food by hiding in the kitchen as the kitchen was green in color.